Weekend of Highs and Lows

Okay I know I have been just overdoing it with how much we love the city and these amazing adventures we have been having lately. Memorial Day weekend was 3 straight days of happy outings with the kids. Sometimes I read blogs of other families and I'm like, okay, but do your kids ever just lose it? How are you having all this family fun with emotionally charged toddlers? Ha!

Well you win some, you lose some in our case.

Last Friday after a long day, we decided really last minute to go on a much-needed date. We are approaching our two year anniversary of living in Brooklyn and we wanted to talk out our thoughts on the past two years and our hopes for the future. Serious conversations and daydreaming are sometimes hard to do at home with interrupting kids of all ages. I'm really thankful we had a lovely date night out to eat delicious pizza at Brooklyn Firefly and a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home (darling husband carrying our necessities for me! So charming!)

Saturday morning Will worked on his sermon for a bit and I had some quiet time to read and write. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but in general, Will and I like to alternate "Sabbath" time on Saturday mornings. It's not a set time but we each get roughly 2 hours to do what we want to recharge us. It's really nice to have this to look forward to. Also, this "give and take" is really sweet because there's not jealousy or bitterness- we both get it!

If you and your spouse are also feeling a little burnout, maybe you could try this too! It's been really refreshing and freeing for us to have an intentional Sabbath in the morning, and then we are geared up and ready for family fun that afternoon.

That afternoon I met my friend Andrea for a treat (chocolate croissant and cappuccino!). She and I haven't had much opportunity to just sit and catch up for a while, so this was a fun blessing.

When I got back we loaded up the kiddos and headed to the Shore Promenade in Bay Ridge. This part of our neighborhood is so peaceful to me. I love looking out at the water (daydreaming about being on one of those cruise ships!) and watching our kids play.

We got ice cream from a truck and the kids played with their scooters.


Will McGee makes me laugh. Love this fair-skinned hubby of mine:

Sweet baby Annie. I'm so thankful for her easy-going nature.

This was actually a year to the day from his first independent steps. What a kid!

Shore promenade June 3, 2017 from Rebekah McGee on Vimeo.

That night Edith slept with all of her stuffed friends. (More of Edie sleeping here).

Sunday morning, little angel baby:

Sunday afternoon Will's brother joined us for a walk around the 5th Avenue Festival. Evan is here for the summer and living in another part of Brooklyn during his internship.

This is where things went south. Will said we should avoid the bouncy house, but I persisted. He was right.


The sweet joy on their jumping faces was 180 degrees different from the sadness and heartbreak of their 4 minute turn being over. It was a long and loud walk home with two sad McGee kiddos. Later I asked Will to go back out and get us some deep friend oreos from the festival because we needed it :)

I'm thankful for God's grace to us - in the happy moments and outings, in the opportunities to feel refreshed, and in the moments where we feel like parenting failures! This season is sweet indeed.