Visitors: John Mark

Recently my family came in town to visit us. I've been giving my younger brother John Mark a hard time because he's the only sibling that has not visited us since we moved to NY in 2015. He finally came in town on a Saturday around lunchtime. I made a healthy lunch for us because I knew our weekend was going to be full of poor eating choices (I was right). 

After lunch JM, Annalise and I headed into Chinatown and Little Italy. JM purchased a Seinfeld tee from a vendor and we bought some personalized Christmas goodies from a Christmas store.

JM had his first bubble tea (milky oolong). He was surprised then loved it.






I know NY-ers can get a bad rap sometimes, but under this Lady liberty area there were a lot of little vendors at tables. I went over there to a shady area to nurse, and all of these women vendors came over to help me find a private and comfortable place to feed my baby. It was really thoughtful!

Next we headed to Chelsea. We walked through the Chelsea Market and around the High Line for a while. It was a gorgeous day!

 Sitting and nursing on the high line:

We went over to the Flat Iron and ate dinner at the Melt Shop. I can vouch for the Maple Bacon grilled cheese - it was soooo good.


Sunday morning snuggles before Sarah and Matt came:


JM likes to pretend that he doesn't like kids, but he paraded baby Annalise around Manhattan and he makes my kids giggle so hard. He lifts them up and tosses them around despite their weight, and he snuggles when they ask. They love Uncle JM!


I'm really thankful for time with my hilarious brother! He spent a few more days with us, more posts to come!