Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day Monday was a nice day for us - Will worked from home a little in the morning (look how cute Annie and Daddy are in this picture! She definitely fell over right after I snapped this). The kids were dressed in their red, white, and blue, and we prepped to head to the local parade.

It rained throughout the parade but we managed to find a good viewing spot under a closed business awning.

 Edith loves having her own umbrella. She thinks she's so big.

Israel LOVED the parade. Edith LOVED her rainbow bagel. We all have our happy places.

I don't know what it is about seeing veterans of all ages (especially the WW2 vets!) but it made me tear up a few times. What an honor and blessing!

We met a few friends at the parade (Via, Van Blargen and DeSoto families!) which always makes things more fun!

At home we did lots of playing. Israel has really loved his scooter lately.

Annie tried baby food for the first time. Sweet baby LOVED it.

These girls also managed to stay up late and snuggle me in bed:

Thank you Father for a truly wonderful weekend. This season of three small kids is so hard and yet the sweet moments couldn't be more precious.