Visitors: JM and the Siaks

Sunday morning of John Mark's visit, my sister and her husband Matt came in town too! We went to one of our favorite local spots, Cream, to get the wonderful dough Donuts before church.

After church we met Evan (Will's brother who is living in brooklyn this summer) for lunch at Pizza Wagon.

The Siaks and Evan had also not tasted bubble tea, and JM wanted to try it again. We got the milky oolong again! Evan liked it, the Siaks didn't finish theirs.

Post-church resttime, Sarah loving on my baby. 

We got the kiddos ready for some family pictures. Sarah took them on our block but it was soooo hot (in the upper 90s).

After pictures, Sarah, JM and I went to the bakery for a quick treat. Nutella pastries for the girls and an apple dessert for JM.

That afternoon the boys went to Coney Island.


Meanwhile, Sarah and I had Chinese food takeout and watched a movie at home. It was nice to relax a little after a busy two days.