Visitors: JM and Siaks, day 2

Monday morning we picked up bagels and walked to the new ferry that runs from Bay Ridge to lower Manhattan. For the same price as a metro swipe, we had the luxury of a beautiful boat ride. It was a really peaceful and relaxing way to start our day!



When we got to Lower Manhattan, we stopped by a few landmarks before heading to the 9/11 museum.

It was my second time going to the 9/11 museum, and it is definitely a place that people should visit if they can! It's a very educational and well-done memorial. When we were about to leave, Annalise got the loudest giggles every time she would look at Sarah!! It's the most somber and quiet atmosphere so her little snorty chuckles were so obvious. That was the first time I've had a glimpse into her personality where I thought, yep that is my kid. I have had the inappropriate giggles so many times.


Annie is the best and easiest baby. She nursed on the go, took naps when she could, and was just so easy-going.


Next up, Times Square. We walked from 42nd street up to 59th Street on Broadway to Columbus circle.


At columbus circle we got lunch at Whole Foods then walked through Central Park. JM left us to meet a friend, and the Siaks and I headed home.


Israel was soooo happy to see his favorite "Aunt Say-ah!"


Meanwhile Matt and Will went to the Mets vs Cubs game. They had a blast on their father's day outing with dates that could actually appreciate it, ha!


Sarah and I got takeout from Skinflints and watched "Best in show" which she had never seen. Gotta love Christopher guest!

They all left early Tuesday morning for the airport and I was so thankful for time with my family. It's always nice to have family in town, and they refreshed my spirit and made me laugh so much!