Visitors: Evan & Michelle

Recently Will's brother Evan, and his girlfriend Michelle, came and spent the weekend with us.

Israel LOVED that Michelle fixed her hair and made sure that he could supervise her using the blowdryer. He loves it, and she was a good sport.

I went to Bagel Boy and picked up some rainbow bagels with rainbow cream cheese, because that is always a fun treat!

They went to church with us, and we snapped this picture on the way:

After church Evan and Michelle took the big kids home and started on dinner, and Annalise and I went to a baptism at our church office!

 After lunch we debated on what the weather might do, but decided to try our luck at Coney Island. We took the kids to the beach and it was a success!

The water was a little cold but both kids loved the waves!

It was really nice to have an extra set of hands, because Annalise stayed in the stroller (it was really, really windy!).

Annie is such an easy girl. Doesn't mind nursing on the beach:

Did I mention how wonderful it was to have extra helpers?

These pictures are hilarious to me. Thanks Michelle for capturing these:

Michelle even wore Annalise for me so I could help with the post-beach cleanup (the worrrrst part of the beach, amiright?!)

 It was really special getting to spend time with Evan and Michelle, and to celebrate Father's Day on the beach!