Sleeping Edith

I have so many pictures of sleepy Edith on my phone I thought it deserved a post.

Edith dropped her nap a few months ago but every once in a while we snuggle on "Mama's Bed" with her stuffed animals and she can nap for 1-2 hours! I love it. But when she takes naps she will fight bedtime so hard and can sometimes stay up 2 hours past bedtime!


I love this picture where Edith fell asleep on the couch on a "no nap" day:


Sleeping in a Santa hat:

GAH! What is it about sleeping kids that makes them seem younger and sweeter?! Like you just want to wake them up and snuggle them?


Another no nap day where Edith fell asleep on the floor at like 4:30pm.


We took a family walk and Edith fell asleep in the stroller the whole time. Woke up when we got home around 5:30 pm ha. Not ideal for the bedtime routine!


When she has "room time" for naps she normally just plays hard. This day she not only played hard (obviously) but also fell asleep on the floor.


Snuggling in bed, she fell asleep holding me. I can't even!! Love her so much.


Another no nap day. She fell asleep at like 6:30 here hugging a pillow.

This 3 year transition to no naps doesn't mean no naps in our house. It's a transition. That's okay. I love snuggling her, love the days when she has extra energy and can rally for a fun afternoon because of a good nap. I also love the days she goes to bed easily at bedtime because she has had a long, full day of playing hard. She is such a blessing!