Edie at Ballet

Edith just finished her first semester of ballet at Bay Ridge Ballet. We had such a wonderful experience! Her teacher, Mrs. Patty, was delightful and so patient.

Will and I alternated who got to take Edith to dance because it was such a treat!

You can bring a girl to dance class but you can't make her a dancer, ha. Edith is the one sprawled out below:

 Edie and her little friends. How cute are tiny dancers?

She loved it when they would do "obstacle courses."

These were taken at Edith's last day of Ballet. We waited at the bus stop for a long time and the bus never came, so we ended up walking from 76th street to 91st street, and Edith was so upset that she didn't even dance that day. :(

She was so cute posing in the street. She crossed her arms and said, "take my picture like dis mom!"

At ballet, watching the other dancers but not wanting to participate.

And very happy on the bus ride home. You win some, you lose some. 

It's been a very fun semester overall, and I hope that Edith has learned some social skills as well as ballerina skills!

Edith practicing ballet April 2017 from Rebekah McGee on Vimeo.