Israel's Adoption Timeline

Israel Biruk's Adoption Timeline:

November 13- Readoption in AL
May 5- Arrive HOME!!
May 2- Embassy Appointment in Ethiopia
May 1- Gotcha Day!
April 29- Leave for Ethiopia!
April 24- Interview occurred; we cleared embassy! Given Embassy Date of May 2
April 16- Given new interview date of April 24
April 14- Emailed that the interview date needs to be rescheduled
March 28- Received Interview Date of April 16
March 27- Embassy Ready to Set Up Interview
March 26: File Opened at Embassy
March 21- Submitted to Embassy
March 5- PASSED COURT! Israel is our son!!!
March 3- Met Israel for the first time
March 1-7 First Trip to ET!
February 10-11- Yard Sale in Jacksonville: Over $1,030 raised!
January 31- Received Court Date for March 5!
January 24- Preliminary Court Date

December 22, 2011-Sent off FDL fingerprint update request w/ updated homestudy info
December 14- "Next Steps" call with Case Manager
December 8- Phone call with Education Coordinator regarding transition plan, attachment & preparing for the first few months home
December 5- Met with Homestudy Social worker, Phone call with International Pediatrician, Mailed off Referral Paperwork!!! 
December 2- We got the call that we have a son! We are in love!
November- Officially #8 Girl, 2 Boy!
October- Officially # 8 Girl, 2 Boy!
October 3- Homestudy is approved!
September 16- Homestudy is at AGCI, we are REFERRAL READY! Now our phones remain charged and handy :)
September- Official #9 Girl, 2 Boy! (unofficially #1 boy because the #1 family has older parameters)
September 2- Homestudy visit #3 (final visit)
August 26- Homestudy visit #2
August 21- UNOFFICIALLY #2 Boy!
August 19- Homestudy visit #1
August- Official #15 Girl, 5 Boy!
July 25- Because we're moving from NC to AL, we contracted with a new homestudy agency!
July- Official #18 Girl, 8 Boy!
June- Official #25 Girl, 14 Boy!
May- Official #25 Girl, 16 Boy!
April- Official #29 Girl, 17 Boy!
March-Official #34 girl, 22 boy!
February- Official #43 girl, 27 boy!
January 2011- Official #45 girl, 27 boy!

December 2010 - Official #51 girl, 30 boy!
November 27- Received FDL
November 12- US CIS Fingerprints
November -Official #55 girl, 30 boy!
October 20- Received Fingerprint Appointments for Nov 12
October- Official #64 girl, #42 boy!
October 1- Sent off I-600A form
September- Official #74 girl, #48 boy!
August- Official # 77 girl, #49 boy!
July 31- Yard Sale in NC- over $1,700 raised!
July 27th- Official Waitlist #s, 84-girl, 51-boy!
 July 22- Dossier sent to AGCI
 July 21- Home study approved!
July 10- Yard sale in AL - over $2,100 raised!
July 7- Homestudy draft written and sent to home study agency
June 26- Last homestudy appointment
June 19- 3rd Homestudy Appointment
June 5- Second (of 4) Homestudy Appointment
May 29- First Homestudy Appointment
May 27-Adoption Workbook Approved!
May 27- Power of Attorney is State Certified (almost done w/ dossier paperwork!)
May 24- Finished & Mailed "Eyes Wide Open" Adoption Education workbook
May 22- Rebekah's passport received
May 11- Finished ALP online education
May 11- FBI Background Checks in- We're Cleared!
May 4- Sent Passport update request to Philadelphia (for Rebekah)
May 4- Mailed Homestudy History Packet to CAS (received by CAS on May 6)
April 22- Sent Fingerprints to FBI in West Virginia
April 21- Accepted into Home Study Agency
April 20- Received Adoption Planner
April 14- Mailed Orientation Packet
April 7- Received Orientation Packet from AGCI
April 5- Accepted into All God's Children International Ethiopian program!
April 1- Mailed Adoption Application
March 12 -Pre-Application Approved
March 6, 2010 -Electronically Submitted Adoption Pre-Application