Monday, January 23, 2017

Introducing Annalise Jane!

Introducing our third child, Annalise Jane McGee!

Born on January 4, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY. at 4:54pm.

7 pounds, 1 ounce

20 inches long! 

Big siblings had a difficult first week with the adjustment but are in general doing great now! They tend to ignore the baby most of the time but every once in a while want to give her a hug or kiss. 

We are thankful for this little girl who was a blessing we didn't know we needed! God is faithful always.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Third trimester Recap

I'm at the end!!!! Hooray!

Lord-willing, this week I will have a baby girl in my arms!

The third trimester has gone by pretty fast (thank you holidays!). I think I've been "done/over-it" for a few weeks now as the general late pregnancy discomfort has taken over. You know, the classic symptoms!

There are still days where Will and I look at each other in disbelief that I am pregnant and that we are actually about to become a family of five, starting all over again with a new baby! I recently re-read a few baby books and it is just amazing how much you black out and forget about the tiny baby stage. I'm excited to NOT be pregnant anymore but definitely a little nervous about being a mom to a tiny babe again.

We have been slowly acquiring the baby goods we need, and Edith has LOVED having new baby toys. As soon as I set up something new (pack and play, carseat) she puts a baby doll in it. We talk about the baby all the time and she wants to give my stomach (and Will's!) kisses. We have watched the Daniel Tiger gets a baby sister episode repeatedly. I don't really know what Israel understands about all of this but I'm sure he will be an adoring big brother! I also hope he can call the baby by name because he still calls Edith "Baby" as a name.

A few bump pictures:

31 weeks at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

33 weeks in front of Flatiron Building:

33/34 weeks: 


34 week:


38 weeks:

NO MORE BUMP PICTURES!!!!!! Next view: baby McGee! 

McGee Visit (Trains and Messersmths!)

On Saturday afternoon Will's family and the kids went to Grand Central Station to see the annual holiday train show. I actually stayed home and rested - it was peaceful and needed! The kids LOVED it but it was a little busy on a Saturday!


Saturday night we got a babysitter and all of us adults went to this cool restaurant called Wicked Monk.

It was really special having everyone at church on Sunday morning!


All in all it was just a few days, a short visit, but we were thankful for family time around the holidays!! 

GaGa and Pop Visit: Fort Hamilton

 GaGa and Pop came in town and we went to the Fort Hamilton Tree Lighting on Friday night. There was a carousel, music, fried oreos and Santa. :)

I think this picture was when the ride stopped: Israel is not a fan of good things ending.

The kids were given candy canes that were glow in the dark. When Santa came in to the Fort, we decided to hurry over to where the pictures were going to be taken so that we could be at the front of the line. Edith wanted to decorate the tree with her candy canes.

Israel listening to music to reset him:

So, the kids were not actually upset about seeing Santa until chaos erupted. Kids were cutting in line, parents were yelling at Santa. It got really overwhelming and Edith started crying because she WANTED to see Santa, and Israel was reacting to the people freaking out around him. So our Santa pictures are somewhat misleading - they weren't terrified of Santa, but the situation was just a little crazy.

Saturday morning we opened presents with the McGees. Haley (Will's sister) and Micah came in Friday night so it was special to have time with them too!

We were so blessed by our family! :) Loved having them in town at the same time. 

Christmas Day

This was our last Christmas as a family of four and it was SO fun for us because it was the first year our kids really grasped some of the Christmas concepts. From Baby Jesus's birthday to Christmas trees and even pointing out Santa Claus when we saw him - it was really fun to have the kids excited about the season!

Will and I traded babysitting nights with a friend and we got to go to Toys R Us by ourselves on a "date" and we picked out stocking stuffers for the kids (and lets be honest - price matched stuff and ordered from Amazon for the big presents). 

Christmas morning the kids were so fun opening presents. Edith did the unwrapping for everyone :)

We got Israel a toy vacuum because he is OBSESSED with our vacuum. It's so quirky. Anyways, as you will see he still wanted the real thing but he does enjoy his new toy one too!

This is Edith's "can I have it?" pose:

His new toy guitar was a hit!

Edith liked wearing the stockings on her feet!

It was a beautiful day so we decided to go to the park. There's a handicap- accessible park just 10ish blocks from us so we went there and Israel walked ALL over the park! It was such a blessing. We posted on social media about this. Last year we decided to pray hard that Israel would walk by Christmas, but honestly it felt like a pipe-dream and somewhat unreachable goal. He had just started to pull to stand and did not take any independent movements. This June Israel took his first steps and now he can take off when he wants to! There's still so many parts of the walking process/transition that Israel needs to figure out for independence but he is our little miracle.

 It was a lovely Christmas day for our little family.

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