Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July!

For the Fourth of July we had a great day. Will started the day off by going to the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest in Coney Island. He rode his bike and was there in about 25 minutes! He always watches this event live and it was a "bucket list" item for him. 

After the kids woke up from naps, we set off to explore Brooklyn. We went on a subway ride. It was the first time for the kids, and they did great! I wore Edith both times in the Ergo, and Israel was very content in the stroller. We just went up a few stops so it didn't take long but they did great. 

We went to Target and got some popcorn for a snack. We didn't buy anything but just enjoyed walking around!

After Target we walked around Fort Greene and went by the park there. Will looked like SuperDad!

We went to Shake Shack for dinner and then headed home. Successful outing!

At the end of the night the kids were too tired to stay up for fireworks. Maybe next year!

Overall, the day was really good. There were some really hard moments this week and we really needed a positive day together. I'm really thankful for God's grace and for the moments that are just sweet and successful. The hard days make the good days even better. 

PS. Fourth of July 2014

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thursday: One on One afternoon!

Last Thursday afternoon Israel had his first therapy session, and I wanted to be able to give undivided attention as it was an assessment/ planning time for the therapists he will be working with until he starts pre-k this September (I'll do a full update on all of this soon!). It was only 12 blocks away so I walked Israel over there, and he and I had a great hour there. He had 30 minutes of PT and 30 minutes of OT. Each therapist had two students observing, so Israel had six women to charm for an hour and he ate up the attention. He loved that hour so much and it truly felt like a "reset" button was pressed on him. He did great and loved all of the things they had to offer (mainly the swings!). 

I am really, really excited that Israel is back at therapy for the summer. It's been two months since he received services. I know his little body and mind needed the challenge and I hope this will be a great fit for him for the next few weeks until he has school therapists again. 

While we were at therapy, Will took Edith on a date! They went to the Brooklyn Children's Museum and then to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. They had a blast and Edith loved the sand and water exhibits. 

Thursday was just a good one-on-one afternoon with the kids. I think Will and I both needed a positive outing with the kids and it recharged all of us.

The Really Long Walk Week

On Monday I needed to get out of the house because we had a rough morning. I ended up taking a really long walk (maybe two hours?!) with the kids. We went to a new park by the shore, then sat on the shore road boardwalk for about 30 minutes and kept walking. We went by the pier and finally Will met us and helped me push the kids home! We were all relaxed by the water.

Tuesday my friend Emily came to Bay Ridge and we went on another really long walk, touring the neighborhood. I decided to take my big camera for once and we took some pictures of our neighborhood during the walk. 

Church office

High School where our church meets

high school where our church meets

Our block

We also stopped by the pier again, where I took pictures of the kids. 

Wednesday I went on another walk with a friend in the morning. It was a lot of walking in just a few days!! I certainly have walked more in the last few weeks than I normally did in Alabama. :) It doesn't hurt that there's always something fun to see and a new part of the neighborhood to explore!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week (and Weekend) Recap!

Week two in NYC was pretty busy and people- filled. Main events:

1. Meeting New(?) Friends. This week I was able to put two real-life faces to internet friends, Emily and Frauke. That was really fun to connect in person with people that I have been following on Instagram and interacting with online for a long time. I also went to a party brunch at a friend's house and met lots of her mom friends. It was a good week with a lot of friend time, but I did have moments of feeling lonely and missing the familiarity of the past.

2. Checking Off To-Do Lists. Will got his license and set up our new bank account. I ordered a Prime Pantry box and I'm getting a better idea of how to handle some of the homemaking things. I've now attempted laundry twice!

3. Exploring the Neighborhood. On Wednesday I drove (stop and appreciate this people- I DROVE and PARKED IN NEW YORK) to meet my friend in another part of Brooklyn at the Third Street Park (Prospect Park). I really liked this park a lot and it was definitely manageable by myself. I really love that the parks here have flat ground that Israel can scoot around on, instead of rocks or grass.

4. Preschool Applications. I woke up last Monday with a heavy weight on my chest because it was the day that round 2 of preschool applications became available. I called and left a few voicemails with the special education department to turn in our IEP materials but wasn't getting anywhere. I decided to march down there and try to talk to someone in person. I was nervous and praying all morning. I was so pleasantly surprised that there were some very helpful, enthusiastic workers there! They were so pleased that I had so many prepared materials from Alabama - updated assessments, clear IEP forms and even a medical referral. They gave me two options for school for Israel and one of them was UCP. We went on Thursday to look at the school, and we have a lot to think about. I'm hopeful that we will have peace about the right decision/ placement soon.

5. Hosting Friends. Thursday - Saturday two of our former #EngageJSU students stayed with us. Josh was in the Middle East for four months on a mission, and his girlfriend came up to surprise him. Josh and Will went out on Thursday night to explore Brooklyn. Friday afternoon we met Josh and Amy for dinner, then Will went with them to a Mets game at Citi Field.

6. Rainy Day. On Saturday it was raining. We had plans to go to the park that afternoon but it was a yucky day. We were feeling a little stir crazy so we took the kids out with their new rain cover on the stroller. We ended up at Dunkin Donuts and I've never seen Edith inhale food that quickly.

7. Crossroads. On Sunday Will finally preached at our new church. Afterwards there was a reception/ picnic for us at Owl's Head Park. It was so fun! We had a great time getting to know some of our church family. Edith took a short nap in the Ergo on the way there, and that was all the nap that any of the McGee kiddos got for the day... but in general, they were great at the park and enjoyed it too!

We are really excited about Crossroads, Bay Ridge, and getting more settled in our new environment. 

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