Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Waving my White Flag

I have a lot of things to post about... more visitors, Israel's birthday party, etc. It's easy to post the highlight reel and give off the image of our glamorous New York life. Honestly, we are so blessed and I shouldn't complain one bit. 

But... it's still hard. There's a kid that refuses to sleep through the night. Insurance issues that require long phone calls. New doctors and entertaining kids in waiting rooms for too long. Sunday morning single motherhood (that's being a pastor's wife) and the challenge of hosting four rounds of visitors in three weeks, when we don't have a washer and dryer in our building. I can totally twist all of these things to see the positive but sometimes I just get frustrated. 

We are certainly enjoying our new life in New York, but I think the "honeymoon" is over and we are still trying to find our new normal. Israel is in school now and I am really wrestling with what I need to do with my time, do I want to try to get my license again and find part-time work? Or just be home with Edith? Will is going to be busy this fall on several retreats and preaching opportunities. I'm taking a trip next week (BY MYSELF!) to see my mom and sisters. I'm really excited about it because I cannot wait to be in car, go through a drive through, walk through a not-stressful Target, not worry about anyone for a few days and just rest. 

So this isn't really an update, just a: we're still here. We're still adjusting. There are great days and hard days. I typically post the highlight reel and I want to give a positive reflection on our life because we are so blessed by the generosity of others in sending us here and we feel so grateful that God has called and equipped us to be in Brooklyn. Yet even in the calling there is a desperate need for grace. 

A few weeks ago I went to a Parakaleo ministry meeting (a pastors' wife thing) and one of the leaders asked us if we truly believe in Romans 8 when it says that there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ. Do we really believe that there is nothing else that need for our salvation? That there is nothing I can do to mess up or fall short of grace if I have Jesus? It was really refreshing for me and I keep going back to that chapter because since we have moved here, I have felt so much pressure. Pressure that I put on myself or that I feel put on me by other's expectations. Sometimes I just want to say "I am not enough!!" and that is actually true. I am not enough, but Christ is. And through Christ, I have all I need and there is grace enough for me. So I'm going to do my best and call it a day. And today, I'm going to secretly eat chocolate cookies and feed my kids french fries for dinner because it's been a rough one. And that is okay. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Week of #engageJSU friends!

Last Monday - Wednesday, our friend Kelly from Alabama came to see us. She was one of our college students for the four years we lived in Jacksonville, and she just graduated from JSU. She is heading to Spain for 9 months for a post-graduate program. Kelly stayed with us on her layover en route to Spain.

Wednesday night our friends Hali and Micah came to New York. They stayed until Monday and really got to explore Manhattan and Brooklyn. We showed them a few of our favorite places and they even took family photos for us on Sunday in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Edith liked Micah's shoes.

It was so nice to pick up where we left off with friends. And we always love exploring the city, so doing it with friends is lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunday: New Website for Crossroads and Church Picnic

Sunday we did the launch of our new website for Crossroads. Check us on on social media @CrossroadsBklyn and our new website www.crossroadsbrooklyn.com

After church we had a picnic at Owl's Head and I was determined that the kids would take a short nap, so I walked around the park until they fell asleep. It was a brief nap but I felt very victorious for those 15-20 minutes!

We love having extra time with our church family and getting to spend time in fellowship with them. 

It was a fun Sunday. I'm so proud of Will for his hard work designing the new signs and branding, and all of the hours he has put into the website. I hope this allows for people to find our church and come visit!

Block Party

On Saturday our block had a "block party" and it was neat! It was an all-day event and each family paid to participate. It was from 1-8? ish pm and there were several events throughout the day.

We went after nap time and hoped for the best... but alas, it just wasn't fun for the kids. Sometimes you can build things up in your head and then they just don't happen the way you picture it. Like, I think "bounce houses...music...snacks...neighbors! what fun! what a way to meet our neighbors and continue with the community building!" When the reality was that both kids had huge epic meltdowns that required "resets" in the house.

Edith is really obsessed with her shadow these days. She also DID NOT like cotton candy. 

So... we made the best of it. We went back inside, and tried again later. Israel ended up loving the live music part, and Edith eventually went down this Titanic slide thing. We didn't stick around for the magician or ice cream like I thought we would, and we really didn't have any significant conversations with neighbors because the kids were being really fussy. 

The positive note: we DID meet a few people, even if our kids were having bad days. I think in this season, we just have to be flexible and know that it is okay to have bad outings. It's okay to have to go back and try again later. Sometimes things aren't successes but at least we are trying, and there ARE good moments in there like when Israel cheered during the music and Edith delighted in going down the very big Titanic slide. Israel LOVED the bounce house and watching the kids jump. Edith ate lots of popcorn and we had an excuse to not watch all of the AU/LSU game. Take our wins where we can!

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