Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shout Out: The Morrow Family

It's been a while since I've had the honor of doing one of these, and I'm happy to introduce the beautiful Morrow Family.

The Morrows will be adopting from China (special needs program), and they are partnering with a coffee roaster in Tennessee, Just Love Coffee, to raise the significant funds to bring home their child. For each bag that is purchased from the link, approximately $5 goes toward the adoption funds. The coffee is quality, can be bought in whole bean or ground to the customer’s preference. There are delicious organic, fair trade options from many regions of the world, and decaf options too! This is the perfect time to promote this opportunity, since we are coming into the holiday season. What great gifts! And gifts that taste great, smell amazing, and do good in the world are the perfect choice!

 If you've been in the adoption community for any amount of time I'm sure you've heard of this amazing company. We used them when we were in the adoption process! This fair-trade coffee company comes alongside adoptive families and offers AMAZING coffee.

If it's been a while since you've shopped at Just Love, they have even more options than before! We always loved the Ethiopian Harrar blend and of my coworkers loved the Sumatra.

We've found that coffee is a great gift for people who are hard to shop for! Quality, fair-trade and supports adoption! Can't beat that :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Festivities

We had a few opportunities to celebrate Halloween this year! Edith has several dress-up clothes and she had fun wearing them out! We also had a blast Trick or Treating, check those pictures out here.

Edith goes to a weekly playgroup and they had a Halloween- themed week last time. She learned how to "trick or treat" and it was so cute!

Will and I went to a costume party Saturday night and I was Ursula from Little Mermaid (Edith's current favorite movie!).

Will was Kermit from the kermit meme :)

On Halloween, Edith and I went to the library for a Halloween dance party! I met a friend there. Edith loved the parachute, bubbles and ribbon dancing! It was a fun event!

It's been a fun week of celebrating this cute holiday! Now it's time for the REAL holidays to happen and after that it's baby time! :) This is going to be a fast fall season!

Halloween 2016 - Trick or Treating

 Trick or Treat from Brooklyn! We had a Super Girl and Spider Man on our hands this year.

As an outreach event, our church gave out candy at the church office. I was really proud of the amount of candy/ volunteers we had! Emily decorated the front window.

Super Edith to the rescue:

Will made a fast friend in Eugene.

Israel and his buddy Caleb from church:

We decided to walk around and do some trick- or-treating ourselves. Israel was saying something along the lines of "trick-en!" and Edith definitely said "trick or treat!"

In an attempt to get the kids to smile, Will dangled some candy. This was the response:

It was a fun holiday in Brooklyn! 
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