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Mother's Day 2020

The pictures above were the moments I met my babies. It is so evident to me the range of emotions that I experienced during these meetings. With Israel, it was overflowing joy at the long-awaited child! I was in shock that I was finally meeting this tiny person who I had prayed for and ached for. 
Honestly I can't remember which of the bottom pictures are Edith and Annie! But I remember the anxiety during pregnancy with Edith - could I love this little white child as much as I loved Israel? With Annie, I doubted I had the strength to parent one more kiddo in such a hard season we were walking in. When both of the girls were placed in my arms, I was overcome with awe of God's goodness to me when I didn't deserve it. Both of the girls were unexpected blessings and I grumbled through those pregnancies as if I had a better idea of my timeline in life. When I heard their cries, saw their faces, I was reminded that God's gifts are so good and sweet. 

In the first few weeks …

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