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Ode to My Gym

Back when we moved to NYC in 2015, I joined an all-women's gym called Lucille Roberts. I went until mid-pregnancy with Annie in 2016, when I was told to be on modified bedrest including no lifting. Fast forward...uh.. years, and this fall 2019 I finally re-joined the gym. After about a year and a half of half-hearted exercising at home and doing some irregular modified healthy eating, I feel like I am in a healthy place right now.

First of all, my husband Will is in a very fit shape right now. He's been going to a track club and he is super careful about what he puts in his body. It makes me really aware of what I am eating. As I am now in my thirties, I understand that I should limit my dairy intake and save halloween candy for special treats instead of daily treat-yo-self. I switched out my coffee creamers and I haven't had a soda in forever.

But, my gym. I love my gym. First of all, it is all women. It just feels safe to be there. The classes are tough, and the Zumba m…

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