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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday this year was sooo lovely. Alternate caption: Your Best Life Now Sunday. Ha, just kidding! But it was filled with really good things for my little people. The weather was FINALLY wonderful and we didn't need jackets!!

Sunday at church Israel's class made palm leaves and sang a Hosanna song to all of the other kids classes. He LOVED being in a little parade!

Annie wore an old Edith outfit that I loved. She and daddy are Face Twins.

Edith's day was made because she had her first ever FACE PAINTING! Our team was practicing for our upcoming Easter Eggstravaganza in the park next weekend. She was a blue "Katerina Kitty Cat" (Daniel Tiger reference). She thought she looked AWESOME.

We didn't even really put the kids down for rest time like I normally do after church. We rested for about an hour and then decided to take advantage of the beautiful day. We headed to Prospect Park to the Drummer's Circle. This is one of our family's favorite spots …

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