Memorial Day Weekend: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, We drove to DUMBO and explored with the kids. We went to this area around the same time last year, and we took our pregnancy announcement picture!

We went to Main Street Park which is in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. This is a fun park with a pirate ship to play on, a sand pit, and an excellent view of trains crossing the bridge, which made Israel's day!


Israel and Daddy did a lot of walking around and they found a popcorn vendor that Israel insisted on supporting :).


We headed over to a grassy area and had a picnic dinner and celebrated the absolutely gorgeous day. Seriously, the weather + views were perfect.


Juice boxes are a fun treat for these kiddos. And Annie's face here cracks me up.

Edith loved rolling down the hill, and Israel loved chasing pigeons and puppies (so much so that we had to move on so other people could enjoy their picnics without a certain little boy being "scared" aka obsessed with their pets).

This was Edith's first time riding her scooter around the area. She's becoming really confident on the scooter.

Will and Israel took off towards the car with the stroller and didn't realize us girls were still back at the water. Edith did NOT want to go home. She made a little friend and they both ignored their parents and just raced around on their scooters together.


Finally we headed home just in time for bedtime! Love long afternoons out... what a perfect Saturday.

Memorial Day Brooklyn bridge park 2017 from Rebekah McGee on Vimeo.

Video from the day: