Easter Eggstravaganza!

This year our church hosted it's second annual Easter Outreach event (see last year's here). Last year we did an Easter Egg hunt with a few game stations, and this year we decided to forego the hunt and just do the games really well. There were two other egg hunts at the same time in our neighborhood and since it was the most chaotic aspect of our event last year (and lasts about 5 minutes for all that work!) we decided to give participants eggs at each station like a carnival. It was really great!

We had a great volunteer turnout and this year we had t-shirts and nametags for all of the volunteers which made spotting our team a lot easier.

One of our church members donated these amazing signs that were so professionally done and made the stations very visible. We also had colored balloons that coordinated with the wristbands for each kid based on age.

It was an overcast day in the 50 degree range and yet Annie got her first sunburn that day!

This is Tom and his fiancee Lisa. Tom is on staff at Crossroads as our intern right now:

We did pre-registration this year which gave us a heads up about our numbers and allowed the registration line to go really fast! Over 450 children participated in our event that day, and over 1000 people were there!

Will's parents were in town, which was excellent timing. This allowed Will and I to spend the day volunteering and they handled the big kids.

Israel playing the "bunny buckets" game makes my heart want to explode. So proud of him.

I don't know if you can tell from these far-away pictures but our event took up a large part of the park, the stations were spread out enough that no station was too crowded.

Edith was not in her best mood and only wanted to play on the playground.

The big kids didn't stay too long so they didn't get an Easter bunny picture this year. Annie did though!

Thank you so much to allll of the people near and far that helped us pull off this event. From donating supplies, covering the day in prayer, to our stellar volunteers! It was a really wonderful day. One of those days that encouraged Will and I about the people who support us and also that we have a truly special church family that loves our community and happily serves others.