Starting to feel like Summer!

 Summer in New York! Such a fun and exciting season for our family. We moved here to Brooklyn just two years ago in June, and we have always loved the many parks and splash pads that NYC has to offer its city kids. On the first really warm day we took the kids to a park that was recently renovated ("Bear Park" on 81st between 11th and 12th ave in Brooklyn!).

Israel LOVED the water and it was the first summer that he WALKED around a little bit (he still preferred scooting). He was really upset with me that I wouldn't let him bring his beloved stuffed Mickey into the water.

We loved that this park had a "big kid" swing.


Edith liked the playground a lot (she typically prefers the playground over the water aspect) and she called this part a "dinosaur."

Since it has gotten warmer I'm putting sunscreen on the kids and little Annie had her sun hat on for the first time - so cute! 

She also borrowed her sister's shades for some indoor play ;)

We are excited about the new season and that the water is being turned on at most of our favorite parks. Lots of fun days ahead for the McGee kiddos!