Spring break: More Parks

 Continuing with our spring break plan of getting out of the house, I drove to JJ Carty park one day (94th and Ft. Hamilton).

I like this park because there's a handicap swing and the kids love the whale slide. One thing I had forgotten about was the concrete everywhere - Israel ripped his pants to shreds here. 


We tried the picnic again but Edith ended up going into the woods to find leaves and Israel kept wandering off to chase a puppy. A few people told me the "I don't know how you do it!"  but not necessarily in the admirable way, haha. More like, you need backup woman!


Thursday of spring break my friend Rosa and I walked to the botanic garden with the kids. This was one of those outings that didn't go as well. We didn't stay long because the kids weren't having a good time. Let me tell you -pushing that double stroller uphill while wearing the baby in the Ergo is tough stuff. But for those brief minutes of sunshine, and just to not be in the house when it's too pretty outside, it is worth it.



If I'm honest, I do miss having a yard and porch. I love our apartment and I am thankful for where we live, but there are some sacrifices that come with our current setup! Although we have access to so many parks, everything requires a little walk and planning. As I tell my husband - there will be no walk-up apartments in heaven, and everyone will have a backyard :)