It was so nice having Will's parents in town for Easter! They came and helped me transport the kids to church and we snapped these photos in front of our building really quickly.

Little man walking all over the church. He would get compliments on his outfit and I know he felt fly!

Israel's buddy Nathan. I think I've mentioned him before but Nathan is such a gift to our family and our church! He has a servant's heart and always helps me with Israel every Sunday. Israel prays for Nathan almost every night.

Someone asked if we intentionally matched. HA! I'm a Southerner people, of course we intentionally matched! 

This little angel with her pink cheeks from a little bit of sunburn the day before. I'm so thankful for our little surprise baby who melts me to the core.

Easter basket time. Everyone got a book, the bigs got pajamas and candy and Annie got a rattle. Keeping it manageable around here :)

Israel got a book about school buses and he loved it. This kid is pretty simple and only likes the same few toys and books, so when you get a winning gift it feels extra special!

Israel's love for Annalise grows every day. It makes my mama heart sooo happy to see Israel in the "big brother" role with his baby sister. I hope she knows what a gift he is to her.

Let's be honest - the 99 cent basket is the best part of the Easter basket right? The gift that keeps on giving.

Such a special day, not to be overshadowed by family or treats. Jesus's death and resurrection changed our life course, our life purpose and our future! So thankful for a day especially marked for us to remember the sacrifice and gift of salvation for those who believe.