Annalise: 4 months old!

Dear Annalise,

You are four months old and the squishiest and sweetest baby. You are very easy-natured and happy. Your whole face changes when you smile! You love your polka dotted lamp, Christmas lights, when anybody looks at you and says "hey" and sings to you. You have discovered your hand and pretty much have a fist or finger in your mouth at all times, because you're starting to teethe. You went to the doctor this month because you had several bad nights of sleep and I thought you might have an ear infection, but it was just a cold. You weighed 14.75 pounds at your sick visit!

You are NOT sleeping through the night and you love to know that your mommy is closeby. You rolled over for the first time on your four month birthday! You like to nurse all day and night long but you're happy with a paci too. You haven't quite figured out how to put it in yourself but you are trying to figure it out!

You met your Pop when Gaga and Pop came to visit this month. You went to the Zoo and the Aquarium, lots of parks and outings. You're really a sweet baby and don't have a set schedule or routine, so you go with the flow (again... as long as mama is around). You haven't been in the church nursery without mama yet and you like baby wearing. You have the best little arm and leg rolls. I have to clean out your neck crevices every day which can take some effort to peel apart your double chin.We love to kiss your squishy cheeks!

You like bathtime and getting lotioned up afterwards. You manage to have a blowout poop at least once a day. You need a bib on all the time because you drool so much. You have figured out how to wiggle out of your swaddle blankets. You love peek a boo and looking in the mirror.

Thanks for being such a delight, little angel! We are so thankful for the gift that you are. I tell myself often to just soak in this stage because these little months are so sweet but so fast. I hope you feel the love we have for you!