Annalise: Two months


You are two months old! You're in size 1 diapers (although I squeeeeezed you in those newborn diapers way too long because I hated to pass on diapers we already owned!). You weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces at your 2 month checkup and were 24 inches long. You're starting to wear 0-3 and 3 month clothes already.

This month we had snow and you went outside for just a few minutes! We started exploring the neighborhood with you when we had nice weather days and you like the sunshine! You love your mama and seem to have an internal understanding when I walk out the front door, you immediately wake up and start to cry!

This month you went on two train rides into Manhattan, gave lots of snuggles to mommy's friends, and went to church for the first time. You are still a very sweet girl and love to be swaddled. In general, you fall asleep pretty easily but you're definitely not sleeping through the night. You are quick to smile but you have a very "anxious/worried" face when you're not sure what's going on.

Your brother has suddenly become SMITTEN with you and I have to watch you carefully because sometimes he wants to take initiative to hold you when I'm not watching. Your big sister loves to give you kisses! You are a wonderful addition to our family little angel!