Crossroads Easter egg hunt

The Saturday before Easter our church hosted a community Easter Egg Hunt. We wanted this to be an outreach event to serve our community and let people know more about our church. With a limited budget, we reached out to friends online and we were so humbled by the generosity of others as friends donated eggs, prizes, and money for this event!

The day before the event Will borrowed a bunny suit from a sister church in Harlem. We had fun with it! :)

The planning team had anticipated between 50-100 kids for the event. There was another large Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by a government official less than a mile from the one we were hosting, at the exact same time. We thought that most people from our community would be going there because it was an annual event and ours was new. We were so wrong. Ha!

We had an amazing team of volunteers and Will and I were so proud of how everyone worked together to provide great service by running registration, games, and helping with the egg hunt process. We learned so much from this year's event and we have already been thinking of ideas for next year!

Our sweet kiddos. They were strapped in the stroller when the egg hunt started, and by the time I got them out most of the eggs were gone, and poor kids had no idea what to do anyways. I didn't have baskets or bags for them because I had been busy with the event. BUT they had fun anyways just running around! 

We clearly found a need in our community because close to 1000 people came to the hunt. We were so blown away. We were expecting 50-100 people, so we know that we need to prepare in new ways next year and we will implement what feedback we received! 

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the eggs and supplies. We are so humbled and thankful for the investment from people around the country who wanted to partner with us in loving on our community. We had several visitors at church the next day at Easter who came because of the Egg Hunt.... which was what we hoped for!