Annalise: Three Months


You are three months old, and what a busy month we had! You met so many special people this month. Your uncle Dan and Aunt Lindsey came, then Nana and Papa, then Calli and Chandler and finally Aunt Rachel! Whew, what a month!

In addition to being held and snuggled by lots of loved ones, you did a lot of exploring. You went on the Staten Island Ferry, met the Fearless Girl, saw Grand Central Station and a few other tourist spots, and joined me for my once a month pastor's wife meeting in Manhattan. For a few days this month it was verrry cold when our heat went out and we actually stayed in a hotel- you did great! You are a very easy girl that tends to go with the flow, especially if mama is closeby.

You enjoy your bath, you love your paci and you are still quick to smile. You've started to giggle and Daddy wrote you a jingle called "Hello, hello Annalise Jane" and you love it. You weigh over 12 pounds and you are covered with little fat bracelets. I loooove your rolls and could kiss your cheeks all day. You are a delight!