Being intentional (yet Paperless)

 I was recently approached by Paperless Post to check out their website and give feedback. I didn't realize until I logged into their app that I have actually received invitations from other NYC friends via Paperless Post.

If you're using your computer OR the app, it is really easy to create and customize invitations and cards. I currently host a Bachelorette viewing party group, so I sent an invite out to a few girlfriends who would be coming over. It was an easy way to make something informal and causal seem a little bit more intentional. With it being the beginning of the season, it was a fun way to build excitement.

When I host events now, I am all about low-key entertaining. Usually it is in the form of a pot-luck (everybody brings something) and we have an open door, shoes off policy. We don't have a big kitchen so people eat on paper plates in laps in the den. My mother is the ultimate hostess and I am sure she would be disappointed that my china goes unused for the 8th year in a row, but I prefer to just have a cozy, casual vibe when hosting others. Our little viewing party is no exception. We pull our couch into a couch bed, and everybody has their brackets handy and often some form of social media out! 

When I was in college I worked at a paper/stationery store, and loved designing invitations for clients. In today's modern day, however, I feel like paper invitations can be a hassle. If I get a paper invitation in the mail, I will most likely take a picture of it on my phone and then throw it away because I know that the paper is likely to be lost! Using Paperless Post allows you to have a personal invitation without the hassle (although they DO print options if that's your jam!).

In the season I am in (mom to three young kids!) entertaining and sending cards can be something that falls on the bottom of the to-do list. But having an app on my phone is super handy because I almost always have my phone with me during a nursing session and I can create something cute and quick. Just the other day I sent a "Just Because" online card to my hubby and he loved it (his love language is words of affirmation so this was an easy and sweet way to meet that need!).  There were so many silly and adorable designs I had a hard time picking which one to send him.

Paperless Post also offers cards that you can either create to send online or print and send. There are so many customizable options but also lots of cute, trendy cards. Kate Spade has a whole collection and the New Yorker cartoons are so cute.

I designed this card for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day, and was able to schedule it in advance instead of needing to remember to send it at a certain time. 

 There are a lot of funny Father's Day cards and I thought this one was pretty appropriate for the little-kid-lots of messes season we are living at home, ha!

Disclaimer: I was approached by Paperless Post to review their products, but was not monetarily compensated. All opinions are mine! If you sign up using my referral link, I will receive 5 "coins" for use of designing and sending cards.