Nana and Papa Visit

The Monday after Easter until Thursday, my parents came in town! They came in Monday afternoon right before dinner and we ate something at home and then we showed them around Bay Ridge. My mom helped us move in last summer (we even went to a play!) and then returned again in the fall for a quick visit. It was my dad's first time to see our NYC life and I loved being able to point out our grocery stores, laundromat and other places that are a part of our daily routine. 

Monday night we went to Stewart's for dessert and then Mom and I did a little shopping on 86th street while the men took the kids to bed. We came home in time for Mom to watch Dancing with the Stars!


Dad and Israel have a special bond and Israel was thrilled that Papa was there on the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons. One time Israel pointed to my dad and told his bus drivers "Papa" to explain to them who he was! 

After Israel was on the bus Dad and I picked up some pastries from Leske's and then we got ready to head into the city. We stopped by the 9/11 pools and then went into this indoor mall to kill some time before we headed to the Museum of Jewish History. 

Mom was so silly on the subway.

Edith loved the indoor stairs at the mall. ^^

Lower Manhattan has some cool art!

We headed home in time for naps (Edith never took one though) and Mom and I headed out for pedicures. When Israel got home from the bus, Will and I went on a date in Manhattan. My dad had fun walking around Bay Ridge looking at all of the food options (he refused to order from Seamless!). 

It was a much nicer day so we headed to Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Prospect Park Zoo. Dad wanted to rest so he stayed home. 

The Botanic Garden was starting to bloom the weeping cherry trees around the Japanese Garden and it was so beautiful!

My mom loved the yellow flowers:

We headed to the zoo to show mom how cute Edith is around the animals. Edith LOVED feeding the goats and seeing the monkeys.

Wednesday afternoon we took the kids to Shore Road Park.

That night our friend Emily babysat after the kids went to bed so that we could show Mom and Dad one of our favorite Bay Ridge restaurants.

Thursday morning Mom and Dad packed up. We went by Target on the way to the airport where they continued to spoil us.

It was a short week but we packed a lot in! I love that in this age of technology, I get to "see" my parents almost every day through Face Time and that my kids still get to know their grandparents. They both love their Nana and Papa so much! It was a special week and I'm so grateful for their generosity and care for us.