Driving Up to NYC

Last Sunday - Monday, my mom and I drove up to New York. We went to my dad's church, FBC Hendersonville on Sunday. It was such a timely message on anxiety and casting our cares on the Lord. I was tearing up listening because I had a list of things I was worried about and it reminded me to trust the Lord and to pray to Him specifically about what I had on my heart.

After church we got on the road. The kids did AMAZING the whole drive. After they took naps, we stopped at a rest area just to stretch our legs.

That night we stayed at a hotel. It was not a great night of sleep for anyone (night terrors for one of the kids) and Edie's morning face described how we all felt:

Monday morning we were up EARLY and we headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania where we went to Hershey Chocolate World. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! We rode the free tour ride twice! It was basically an informational roller-coastery type thing, with chocolate at the end. We had the best lunch (chocolate covered pretzels and chips! reese's cheesecake!) and then got back on the road... to New York!

We arrived in the early afternoon and immediately got to work unpacking. That night we had our first NYC Pizza and enjoyed brief walks around the neighborhood.

We made it to our city!! 


  1. Aww Hershey is right up the road from me! I'm always excited to see bloggers I read in my neck of the woods.


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