Nana's Visit

Last week my mom came to Brooklyn for a quick visit. She was here from Monday afternoon to Thursday morning, and it was so fun and refreshing to spend time with our Nana! :)

Nana loves a picnic and set up this little lunch for the kids: 

She played play-doh with Edith:

We went out for pedicures, and Mom was pretty surprised when they gave her a little back rub while her feet dried! It is a New York thing I guess!

Mom helped us send Israel off on the school bus!

When Israel was at school on Wednesday, she and I took Edith to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. We walked up and down the park and Edith played in several of the different areas.

We got to Shake Shack before it opened and Edith kept trying to show off her cuteness to get them to open the doors for her to get fries!

Nana gave lots of snuggles and sang lots of songs.

As a finale to her trip, she watched the kids so Will and I could go on a date in Brooklyn. We love our Nana (and Papa for sending her!) and are so thankful for any time we get with her.