Edith: Losing the Paci

I posted about Edith's transition to a toddler bed and wanted to post about the paci transition for me to look back on one day!

Israel didn't really care about his pacifier. He'd never used one in Ethiopia, but we immediately started using one when he came into our care because we wanted him to have it for the plane. He was never able to put it in his mouth on his own so it was pretty easy to do away with it because he was never attached. I think when he was a little over a year old we probably did away with it, but the whole time he used it we had to hold it in his mouth for him (mainly during Ergo wearing and when I was rocking him to sleep). Paci transition for him was no big deal.

*I actually looked for a picture of him with a paci IN his mouth and couldn't find a single one.*

Then we had Edith.

Oh this girl LOVED her paci. Loved loved loved. We used the Wubbanub pacis for 2 years and around her second birthday we got rid of them and just kept the tiny paci part. It was so nice for when we were out on the subway or in the car or stroller. If she started to melt down we could just give her the paci and it was an instant relaxer for her. She just loved it so much that we had the hardest time taking it away because it helped us so much!

Edith has been phasing out the paci for a while. For about a year she's only been allowed to have the paci in her bed during nap and nighttime or when we're out and it is an emergency. Recently she had just been holding it to sleep and wasn't even sucking on it anymore. One day she didn't ask for it at nap or bedtime and we decided that would be day 1 of the detox. The next day she started climbing out of her crib... and thus the double whammy happened. No crib + No paci = no more naps (well sometimes naps but she is much trickier to fall asleep!).

It's been a hard transition losing the crib and paci. She's cried, I've cried and almost given in to her. But all the pacis are out of the house and although I really miss the easy days of a few weeks ago. I know that this is just a part of the childhood process. Kids change all the time and this is just one of those transitions.

I'm glad we had the wubbanubs and that we had the paci when we needed it for traveling, moving, and subways. I'm proud of how far Edith has come and that she can self-soothe without the paci most of the time! RIP naps.

**Edith was 2.5 yrs at this transition!**