Birthday Date

While my parents were in town, they let us have an afternoon/evening off to go on a long date in Manhattan for my birthday. 

As soon as Israel was off the bus, we headed uptown and went to the Museum of Modern Art. We only had an hour to explore but we saw as much as we could! Will has been a member since September, and now I have a free membership through the ID NYC program! ;)

This is one of Will's favorite paintings by Andrew Wythe: 

I remember writing a paper on Van Gogh as a kid! The line for a picture with Starry Night was pretty long.

MONET!! The Monet room was so fabulous in person. The paintings are so huge. So stunning!

After leaving MoMa we went to dinner. Of course this is what going on walks with Will looks like:

We ate dinner at Jacob's Pickles (where we went for Will's birthday date!). It was just as fabulous and Southern as we had remembered.

After dinner we browsed at Books a Million then shared some gelato. It was a perfect date night and so much sweeter having my parents at home watching the kiddos!