Edith: Two Years Old

Dear Edie,

Today you are two years old!!! I cannot believe my baby girl is not a baby anymore. You really are a full on toddler, and most days I think you believe you are 10 years old. You are into princesses and dressing up, and if the television is on then you are a zombie watching it (You love Daniel Tiger, Elmo and Frozen!)! You love accessories and shoes and often walk around with several necklaces.

You're not very verbal yet, but you have recently found your "No!" and "Yay!" voices. You love to growl and last week you learned how to fake sneeze. You will "Shhh" and put your finger to your lips. You blow kisses and wave "Bah-ahh" for "bye" in a very Southern drawl.

On the playground you are fearless and nonstop. You explore every inch of the parks and you climb up ladders, go down the biggest slides and wait your turn (or push kids out of the way who are just sitting at the top of slides). In New York there's always a splash pad element of parks, and you don't really pay those any attention unless it's a full on splash pad, then you love to splash in the water and carry a bucket around. You're too busy to do the swings because you have to explore. You LOVED the beach and kept trying to wade out to the deep end where the big kids were. You don't mind going underwater and I think you think you're way bigger than you are. Last week we went to Coney Island and you rode lots of rides at Luna Park - you loved it!

The biggest thing about your second year was the move to New York from Alabama. You have been so good and so easy in the transition. You still sleep great and take 2 hour naps most days (sometimes even 3 hours on days when you played hard!). You love your Dog-Dogs still and your pacifiers. I'm really scared to let go of the pacis because they have been such a help for us in the transition, and they instantly calm you when we are out and about, especially past bedtime. I haven't even thought about potty training yet and you definitely haven't shown any interest.

I've noticed that you have started to play with other kids. You used to be way too independent and didn't care who tried to play with you (sweet Isla!) but now you will smile and jabber at little kids on the playground, and you love to play with Israel. You guys chase each other, dump water on each other, hand each other toys and play fetch with things you each throw away from each other. You love to play with your mama and you will be very demanding that I sit or lay down or do different things to play the way you want to (sticking things in my mouth, riding on my back, crawling through my legs). You are so sweet to me and the fact that you are a true mama's girl just melts me so much. We have the best bond and I'm so, so thankful for you. I always tell people that you are God's gift to me, that I didn't know how much I needed you!

You've grown so much lately. You're wearing size 2T clothes and size 5 Toddler shoes. You LOOK bigger. We recently cut your hair because it was growing out really funky, and you have a baby haircut again. You have sweet curls when your hair is wet or sweaty.

Your favorite things right now are fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and oranges), milk (you come out of the bed every morning and nap and head straight for the fridge), and ice cream. You've been a really picky eater since we moved to New York, so it has been hard to get real food in you! But you're still growing so I'm not that worried!

You're still really easy on outings with me. I can easily take you to the grocery store, laundromat or to run errands because you're happy in the stroller or Ergo. You are satisfied with a box of raisins and a book. You could read books all day, and you love to pull all of your books off the shelf or out of bins. You have been tearing pages lately and that has not been good!

Edith, we continue to be just smitten with you. You have the best belly laugh, the deepest dimples, bluest eyes and most convincing passion for life! You play hard, have the fastest changing emotions and the quickest time falling asleep. I fear for your teenage years, but I know that the years ahead will be good, purposeful and fun. I have no doubt that God has big plans for our feisty, silly, precious Angel! We love you so much.

Happy birthday Edie Pete!


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