McGees Visit Friday: Coney Island

Friday afternoon we went to Coney Island. Last time we went to Coney, we didn't even attempt to let Edith ride anything because we didn't know how she would do, if she would climb out or be too small. After our successful carousel ride Thursday, we decided to give it a try... and she loved the rides as much as her brother! They rode a lot of fun rides at Luna Park.

The grandparents let Will, Evan and I go ride adult rides for a few minutes while they continued to spoil the kiddos with rides. We hadn't been on roller coasters in years so it was really fun to do that!

After Coney we went back to Bay Ridge and participated in the Summer Stroll on 3rd Avenue. We ate Mexican food outside, the weather was perfect and the kids were wonderful!

It was a perfect ending to a great day.