Edie & Her Dog-Dog(s)

Edie girl LOVES her Dog-Dogs.

Back in November, we went to visit my sister Sarah in North Carolina. My niece Ella had the original Dog-Dog (with the black tag on it's ears). Edith immediately clung to Dog-Dog and was inseparable for the entire visit. I knew it would be a traumatic separation, so I went to the local Big Lots, where Ella had just received hers a week before. We bought an identical Dog-Dog for $10 and surprised Edith when we returned to Alabama. She was SO excited. (Side note, it was Will's idea to just go ahead and get one for her. I was thinking we could get it for her for Christmas, but Will wanted to spoil her and give it to her right away!)

We returned a few weeks later for the holidays, and Edith brought HER Dog-Dog but found the original one too! She carried BOTH dogs around the whole trip, and sweet Ella (age 8) decided to generously give the dog to Edie because Ella knew how much Edith loved it. How sweet is that?!

Since then, Edith has carried both Dog-Dogs around. She feeds them, gives them drink, plays with them, sleeps with them, and loves them. She is the sweetest little caregiver and playmate and I love it! Here's some pictures (mainly taken on my phone) of Edie and her best buds.

Love this precious girl and her Dog-Dogs!