Edith: 12 Months Old!

Happy first birthday Edith!

You are so precious to us and it is very bittersweet to celebrate a whole year with you. It has been quite a ride, Edie, and we are so thrilled to see the sassy, silly, sweet girl you are.  I honestly had no idea what a blessing you would be. I knew that I would love you but had no idea that I had a missing piece of who I am until you were born. I love being a mama to a girl, and to see little expressions or features that remind me of baby pictures of your dad and me. It has been the sweetest thing to nurse you for a full year. You've surprised me so many times over the year and I'm amazed that you are so big and toddler-y already!

Her decoy remote. 
 You are equal parts sweet/snugly and feisty/ independent. You have moods where you just HAVE to be held and then times where you want to explore. You've gained a reputation at church for causing trouble when they try to get you to nap. You like to do things on YOUR time and in your way.

You love to play! You have a few favorite toys: baby dolls and Little People, musical toys, this one toy that has a bunch of locks and blocks, and your brother's walker. You will walk behind push-toys and you are crawling on all fours and cruising along furniture. You don't like to walk while we hold your hands very often... which is understandable because you are Miss Independent! You love table food and your sippy cup. You're still nursing several times a day and you will now come over to me and pull at my shirt and slap my chest when you want to nurse! I have no idea how we will ever take your paci away. You say "Mama, Dada, GaGa, Nana, Ba (baby and ball)" and you love to point! You think it is hilarious when you are upside down and you love to dance whenever you hear any music (toy, tv show background, or in the car).

You and Israel are still best buddies... and you both know how to press each other's buttons to aggravate each other. You pull at his hair and glasses, he pushes you down and throws your paci across the room. You step on his feet, you both fight over the same toys. I love hearing you two giggling at each other, and watching how you light up when you see each other after naps or when we pick him up from school or therapy. You guys will work together to push down the baby gates and get into mischief. It's a team effort to throw cheerios across the entire floor of the living room. I'm preparing myself for when you are older because I know you are going to instigate a lot of troubles for us!

Edie, this year has gone by in a blink. I can't believe you were just a little newborn and now you are a moving, spunky, chatty girl. I'm honestly excited to move past the "baby" stage and embrace toddlerhood with you. I know you're going to push your limits and test boundaries, but I can't wait to watch you grow and develop. You've amazed me all year long! I love watching to take in your environment and try new things. I hope you use your determination and fiestiness for God's glory. I'm proud to be your mama and I'm so thankful for a whole year of knowing and loving you. Each day has been a blessing and I'm just overflowing with joy because of you.

Happy birthday Edith Joy.

With a full heart,


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