Edie's 2nd Birthday Family Party

Last weekend while Will's family was in town, we had a little birthday party for her. Janice, my awesome MIL, has always made the kids' birthday cakes, and she brought a cake pan up and worked her magic to make the perfect Dog-Dog themed cake for Edith. As I've mentioned before, Edith is pretty obsessed with her Dog-Dogs, and this cake made Edith so happy!

Both kids loved eating the cake too!

She opened her presents and received Frozen dolls, a book about Brooklyn, lots of jewelry and accessories and some fun bath toys! Her big gift is that we are going to the Zoo and getting a year-long membership! (She also got some clothes and toys from other family and friends... not pictured!)

She was absolutely adorable opening presents. This was our first experience having a kid know how to open presents, so I think Christmas is going to be pretty fun this year!

It was really fun having family in town to celebrate our girl and share some yummy cake!

I'm so happy that my sweet girl had a fun and special day with family!


  1. I must say that your daughter is really adorable and the cake is well present and looking delicious as well. I am also planning for a small holiday party for kids at my home. Please help me by giving some planning tips.


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