Bronx Zoo

As part of Edith's birthday celebration, we went to the Bronx Zoo, which is one of the 5 zoos in New York, but the biggest.

It's supposed to be about an hour drive, but it was about twice that and completely awful because we went on a Friday afternoon and there was so.much.traffic and Edith had her first two year old meltdown. It was so bad. By the time we actually got to the zoo, Will and I had headaches and we weren't in great moods. But we decided to put our happy faces on and make some good memories, dangit! :)

We only had two hours to explore since the park closed at 5, so we had to be quick and pick the top things on our list. We started with the Monorail, which was a cool train thing that took us around the park. Israel loved the train aspect, we adults loved the animals, and Edith just snuggled me.

After the monorail we went to the bug carousel, which was a hit with the kids!

We explored other aspects of the zoo. It was really fun looking at the different animals!

The Bronx Zoo was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back. We got a year pass so we will start checking out all the zoos in New York!