Last week I had the pleasure of hosting four of my best friends from Alabama. They flew in Wednesday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon, so it was a great visit!

Wednesday night they came to Bay Ridge and we ate dinner in and then strolled around the neighborhood, finally settling at the Jean Danet Bakery next to our apartment. We had the delicious cheesecake and got some croissants for the next morning's breakfast!

Thursday morning we got ready and headed to Manhattan for two days. Beth generously booked us a hotel room in Times Square, so we loaded up what we needed in backpacks!

We started out at the 9/11 Museum. Beth was able to get us free tickets because she was doing some contract work for the museum, and then my friend Stephanie gave us a tour for free! She works as an archivist for the museum and she was so knowledgeable. I would definitely suggest getting a tour guide if you do go inside the museum so you don't miss anything!

We went to Stephanie's favorite Bubble Tea shop!

Beth had to stay and do some work, so the rest of us met my friend Janet at the Empire State Building. She works in the building and shared her VIP pass that allowed us to go up to the top without paying and we could skip all of the lines! It was so fun!

Afterwards, we met back up with Beth at the hotel and grabbed a quick lunch. We walked around Times Square and got makeovers at Mac! Then we went to Matilda that night. It was really fun! The show had an incredible set and Mrs. Trunchbull definitely stole the show. We were all amazed at the talented children performers!

A few of the girls went on a hunt for cheap pizza... and came back with Sbarro haha!

Friday morning we all slept in until about 8 am. We had a quick Starbucks breakfast and headed to Chinatown and Little Italy to explore. We went to the Meatball Shop for lunch, which was my second time there and it was so yummy! This time I got one of the homemade ice cream sandwiches... they are so fantastic!

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to check out and freshen up. We went to Strand Books, and then went to Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and met one of Beth's friends for coffee. We took a quick peek at Central Park. We ate dinner at Shake Shack and walked around some more. Shelli and I people watched in Times Square.

We went to Finding Neverland, which was my second time seeing it and it was just as fabulous the second time! Matthew Morrison is just fantastic, and he has such chemistry with his co-star who played Mrs. Davies.

Shelli and I went up to get our bags from the hotel and we saw Vern Troyer checking into the hotel!

Saturday morning we went to Cream donuts and had a picnic on the pier. It was a perfect day! We walked around Bay Ridge, did a little shopping, and had lunch at Ho Brah.

I'm so thankful for the relationship I have with each of these girls, and the sacrifice they each made to come visit me! It was such a refreshing weekend with my BFFs! I'm thankful that time and distance haven't changed anything. 

I am completely exhausted though and I need some time to recover from our busy week! Love and miss you already ladies!