Edith's Birthday

In my family, birthdays are always a big deal. It's not really about presents, but that it is your special day (and lucky me - I share a birthday with my older brother! Double the celebration!). When I was growing up (and even as an adult) my mom would decorate the house with balloons and signs, prepare pancakes or fancy breakfast, and the birthday person would get to decide what we ate and did for the day. There was always a birthday card and a general feeling of "it's your day!" and I love carrying on that tradition with those I love.

On Edith's birthday, we left early and went to the park. The kids love this park that is about 10 blocks from our house, and I can manage both of them there because it is enclosed. We were the only family there at the beginning, but there was a group of Asian ladies exercising and Edith kept walking among them.

After our park outing, we met Will for a quick donut (a McGee favorite) at DD's.

The kids took good naps and then Edith and Will went to the Children's Museum (they have free hours on Thursday afternoons!) while Israel and I went to therapy.

They also stopped by a park on the way home!

I brought home some of 5 Guys Fries and a cupcake from our neighborhood bakery and Edith had her favorite foods for dinner.

We had already celebrated with her cake and presents a few days before, but I think the day was pretty special! We love our girl! 


  1. I LOVE "watching" your life and seeing those beautiful children grow.... and seeing you'all in New York!.... and praying for your ministry there.... Blessings - Linda T


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