War Eagle!

{Day 3 of Little Moments Big Impact - Welcome back!}

Today I want to share about a few moments this fall that have been centered around our Alma Mater!

This fall we tried to take advantage of our southern proximity and dress our kids in their gameday attire on Saturdays. Will and I also got to attend an Auburn game a few weeks ago (I wrote more about it here) while my parents babysat for us.

These little moments of honoring our alma mater are fun for us. Will says I don't care enough about Auburn football, but I just like that Auburn is a part of who we are, as cheesy as that sounds. Our time at Auburn was instrumental in shaping us into who we are today. I'll be honest, my college experience was shaped by a lot of refinement and brokenness... which was necessary to bring me to the feet of Jesus to realize that I had to get everything from God: my identity, my purpose, my future, my salvation. Auburn was where my husband felt his calling to ministry. It's where we met and dated.

So these little moments of being with the Auburn family, and watching our little kids wear their orange and blue... it's more of a reminder of God's faithfulness. He's been faithful to write our stories. He will continue to guide, shape, and direct us. 


  1. Great blog! We're adopting a second child. Thank you for sharing your stories!


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