Edith: Fourteen Months Old

Dear Edith,

Today you are a SPUNKY, dramatic, silly, feisty, snugly, sweet 14 month old! Man, this month you have turned a switch in your personality and have increase the drama so much. You can go from one extreme to another and back again in about 15 seconds. You are certainly keeping us on our toes!

You're not yet walking but you are taking several steps on your own. You can walk across the room but I think you prefer to crawl. The biggest milestone this month was weaning from breastfeeding. I'm already missing it! But you are a big girl, and you sure love whole milk!

Edith, you can be really sweet when you want to be! You love to cuddle your daddy and will watch shows on the ipad together. You have to be touching me on a very frequent basis, and you want to check in every few seconds. We've recently reunited with the Ergo, and there are nights where I have to strap you in my pouch for us to survive. I'm really thankful that you love us so much! :)

You are busy! You love to explore and make messes. You enjoy reading books, playing with dolls, and DANCING! You can draw with a crayon and put items in holes. You point to whatever you want. You copy our facial expressions, stick out your tongue to show me your food, you wave good-bye and lean in for kisses.

One of my favorite new activities is dress up! You wore my cardigan around your neck for a solid three days. You still prefer to hold your shoes rather than wear them, and you can take your socks off in .2 seconds. You are a girly girl through and through. You really know how to push your brother's buttons but I think you guys have a fun relationship. You are such a champ to be toted around and in the carseat as we drive back and forth to his appointments. I'm really proud of you! The other day Israel had a therapy appointment in the home, and you demanded that the therapist do all the exercises with you too. You also climbed in her lap while she was working with Israel so she would snuggle you instead of work with him.

Edith, although this month has really made us aware of the...um... challenges we will face as parents of a spirited child, we are so thankful for your energy, passion, and flair. I can't wait to see the woman you become!