31 Days of Blogging: Little Moments, Big Impact {Day 1}

Every October I see bloggers do 31 day series of blogging, and I always want to participate but never have the motivation to just do it. Well, this has been quite an eventful year for us and I think I'm going to attempt it this year.

My "theme" for the 31 days is Little Moments, Big Impact. I'm going to try to see the impact of the everyday/mundane things- looking at how things impact our life overall and how there is an eternal perspective. I hope this will be a good practice for me in general. Feel free to comment if you are doing a 31 day series so I can follow yours!

Day 1: Toddler in a Costume on a Trampoline

This picture of Israel is one of my latest favorites. I got this costume at a local consignment sale, and he is so freaking cute in it. More importantly, he KNOWS he is cute in it! If you're new to the blog, this is my son Israel, age 3, and he was adopted at 7 months old from Ethiopia. This picture isn't just amazing to me because it is a toddler in a costume. It's amazing to me because my son who has special needs, doesn't "play normal" or ever exhibit signs of imagination, is enjoying a costume and knows that he looks different and adorable in it. He didn't tell me this because he doesn't say those words, but I know that he loves it because he gets the biggest grin and wants to make sure anyone in the room acknowledges his cuteness. This costume is a gift to me from God. I know that might sound a bit dramatic, but it is a gift because it is a glimpse into "normal parenting" of a toddler. There are days that I wish for just a moment to have a normal toddler experience and here it is. And I haven't even gotten to the trampoline yet! We borrowed this trampoline for about a week from our beloved UCP center and the kids loved it for the short time we used it. Israel was standing on his own by holding on! This kid... he's going to do amazing things. God is using Israel to show me that a snaphot of a toddler standing up in a costume is a glimpse of the miracles he will do in our lives. God is writing a redemptive story that is much more beautiful than I could ever imagine or write for myself.

So there it is. A little moment, big impact. Hope you enjoy the series!