JSU Football Game

{Day 5 of Little Moments Big Impact}

A few weeks ago we went to the first Jacksonville State University football game. We knew we wanted to attempt to go to at least one home game this year, and we were excited to see some of our students from our ministry on the field.

We got to the game just before half time, and the kids (especially Israel!) enjoyed the band perform at half time. A few of our students/friends came and sat with us, and the kids were so happy to see them! We had a great time and it was a fun family memory.

In the grand scheme... it was just about two hours of an outing. But in the big picture, it was our family joining in our local community, supporting our students and the fellowship with our students during the game. Sometimes it is hard to go places with the kids, especially when there are crowds and inconveniences and you have to pay to go places. But to be intentional with our time, family, and money, it requires sacrifices. We aren't called to be passive, or to just stay home because it is easier. We can show up and support people, even when it is challenging with small kids. We can go in public and show others what a healthy family looks like, because that is a blessing. We can be loving to our children even when they are tired and overstimulated. We can give grace to each other as we try to find seats or a decent parking spot. Little moments, even attending a football game, provide opportunities to give grace to each other and point to Christ in the ways we are intentional with our time, money, and relationships.