My Parents are Moving

{Day 6 of Little Moments, Big Impact}

My parents are moving. Backstory: My dad is a pastor. He's been in ministry forever, but since I've been alive he has served in churches in Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama.

We moved from Hendersonville, NC to Opelika, AL when I was 13 years old, and all of my childhood memories are from North Carolina. I loved the mountains, and I remember being really sad when we moved to Alabama. As a pastor's daughter, I grew up in the church. I was there all the time! We lived within walking distance and I remember walking from my house to go to the playground at the church, by myself! I was in church musicals, GAs, VBS, mime team (yes, mime team) and was unfortunately one of most Sunday school teacher's nightmare pupils because I was often too hyper and disrespectful. I remember telling a teacher at church that I didn't have to do what everyone else did, because my dad "owned" the church! But they gave me grace, and still drilled scriptures and love into me. There were many little moments that shaped me and made me who I am. I learned so much from the guidance and care of the church family in Hendersonville.

Then, we moved to Alabama. We were immediately embraced by the church family at FBC Opelika. I attended throughout high school and college, and saw how the church was intentional in loving college students and the community. I saw people love my family and stand by us through tough times. Our church in Alabama knows how to love and serve people. I'm proud that I was married in such a beautiful church. When the church updated the sanctuary, members had the opportunity to write scripture on the bare floor before carpet was put in, so that we could be standing on the scriptures as a foundation. I just love that. I have so many great memories of Opelika, but I'm especially thankful for a church that has loved my family so well.

In a crazy turn of events, my parents are moving back to FBC Hendersonville, to the church where I grew up. It's a much smaller church than FBC Opelika, which will be a better pace for my dad. I have to be honest- it brings up a bunch of emotions in me! I'm sad that my parents are moving away (they are only 2 hours away now, and our connection to Auburn when we visit!) but I'm really glad that I can now show my children where I grew up. Mountains, apples, black bears, Blue ridge parkway! I am excited about the possibilities. I'm really thankful that my parents are returning to a church that already knows and loves them. My facebook newsfeed was an outpouring of joy and exclamation points from the FBC Hendersonville people. They already have friends and there are staff members that were there when they were before. My mom is in close proximity to her family members and some of my siblings.

I am very thankful that I have seen my parents walk so faithfully in God's calling. They are not afraid to follow God in obedience, even when it is hard. Both of my parents have cried over saying good-bye to Opelika, but they know that God is leading them to return to Hendersonville. Leaving a church is hard, but my parents have served in Opelika for 13 years and they know that they have been faithful to God's calling while they were there, and now He has a new purpose for them in NC.

Both churches have had a big impact on my family, and me personally. I'm thankful for the little moments that I can remember from each of them - of Sunday school teachers who were patient and loving, of church plays and Christmas performances that brought crowds from the city to hear the gospel, and where our family was loved through challenging seasons, etc. The little moments of a church family loving each other... they have made a big impact on me. Some people say that pastor's kids can grow jaded to the church. While we do see some of the politics and legalism of the church, I think my up-close view has prepared me for my own life as a pastor's wife. I'm thankful that I was able to see up-close how a pastor's family can love and be loved by a church. If there was ever a place for my parents to move to, I'm glad it is FBC Hendersonville.


  1. Rebekah, thank you for sharing about your parents on your blog. Nathan and I moved from Alabama (FBCO) to Georgia seven years ago, and our time under your parents leadership we believe laid the foundation for our adulthood and marriage. We learned to love God's Word under their teaching. You all are such a blessing to so many!


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