MSW License!

Day 2 of my "Little Moments, Big Impact" series! Welcome back!

Today I have a huge praise! I passed my Master's Social Work License exam!

This is a huge, huge burden lifted from me. I have been under a lot of stress lately and this exam has been like a dark cloud over my head as I have felt the pressure to study, study, study. I just finished my master's this summer after completing the one year program through the University of Alabama. I knew that I wanted to return for my MSW to help families like ours - adoptive families and/or special needs families. This summer I have been doing a tiny bit of contract homestudy writing, and I hope to find more opportunities to do that in the future. I would love to find part time work while my kids are still young and needy, and the first step in this direction is my license. We've been under a lot of strain from both my husband and I being in school (he's getting his PhD) and having this test be OVER for me is a burden lifted from both of us. I snuggle my boy and I know there are kiddos like him that need an advocate. I am certain God has equipped me for this purpose. I walked into the exam knowing I had done all the preparation I could do, and God was going to have to meet me there and fill in my inadequacies. And God was so faithful! Passing this test was like the final confirmation that this is what the Lord has called me to. Those few hours in that testing center may have seemed brief for others, but I hope those little moments lead to a big impact in the lives of others. By God's grace, for His glory.