Want a shout out?

I'm so thankful for this little blog and that it was been a vessel to connect to so many other adoptive families! I've had this blog since we started our adoption process in March 2010, and I have been amazed by the people that have stepped out to email me and let me be a part of their story or learn more about their story. I am honored to connect with you!

So, with that said, I know that this blog is not a big blog at all- but because so many people seem to connect through blogs, I would love to offer this space for those of you who need a little shout out for adoption fundraising. Some families feel isolated in their fundraising efforts or in their adoption circle- and I'd love for us to encourage each other and share what God has given to bring more orphans into families.

If you would like for me to post a "shout out" blog post highlighting a specific adoption fundraiser that your family is participating in, then feel free to email me at yestoadoption (at) gmail (dot) com. 

 If you are interested, email me this:

Your name, where you are adopting from, and your blog/website. 

A brief bio about your family- feel free to include your reason for adopting, why you chose your country, and/or where you are in the adoption process.

A brief explanation about your fundraiser- with links! 

A picture of your family & of your fundraiser, if applicable. 

I look forward to connecting with you! I hope to post one "shout out" post per week as long as there is a need.

Also, if you are looking for fundraiser ideas, check out this post.