First Overnight Trip!

Last week, Israel and I headed two hours south to my parents house for three days. My husband needed some serious study time for some upcoming classes, so we gave him some space to do that!

The 2 hour drive alone was pretty hard- Israel took two short naps, but when he wasn't napping he was screaming! He normally does great in a car seat but I think he felt alone back there during the trip! (it makes me nervous for our upcoming 10 hour drive to NC in a few weeks!)

Israel had met my mom a few times, and my dad once. He seemed very comfortable with them and never had a freak out moment where he realized he wasn't at home. I brought his favorite toys along for the trip, so he enjoyed showing them off (especially his talking puppy) to his grandparents. He has figured out how to get it to make noise and he is so proud when he does it!

Israel and Papa
Israel and Nana (and his favorite puppy)

He met some friends of the family and even tagged along for a little shopping trip to Target and some other stores (most of the time he was asleep in the Ergo!). He also met my paternal grandmother and one of my aunts during a lunch together!

He napped and slept well at night! He actually slept on a big person bed with a guard rail instead of a pack and play - he's not rolling over yet and he stays very still when he's sleeping! I brought his noise machine and video monitor.

He took his first sink baths and had a blast splashing water over the entire kitchen!

He got some new shades at a local consignment store and he was such a cool kid when we drove him around in a toy car. He kept one hand on the steering wheel!

The last day, I even took a 2 hour mommy break and got a pedicure and some shopping all by myself!!! It was great to know he was happy with my parents and didn't even notice I was missing.

After another long drive home, we were very, very glad to be reunited with Daddy! I think Will regretted kicking us out because he missed us too much :).

It was a great mini trip (aside from missing Will) and I'm so glad Israel is so laid back and could handle the changes well. He really is the sweetest kid ever!


  1. This is so great Rebekah - amazing progress!

    1. It is awesome to see progress! I'm so thankful for how things are going :)

  2. I stumbled onto your blog just the other day. I enjoy peeking into your world. We have a five year old little girl we adopted when she was nine months old. When the Lord places adoption on your heart, it never leaves....praise God.

    1. Hi Carrie! I'm so glad you stopped by- that is so true about adoption; I'm so thankful God led us here!

  3. So precious!!! So glad he had a great "road trip"! What fun memories!

  4. So fun! I'm so glad you got a little bit of "you" time! And I'm sure your folks were eating up having Israel all to themselves! :)


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