Nine Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are nine months old! I cannot believe how fast you are growing and changing. You just moved into nine month clothes and it makes me sad to box up your six month outfits! You also are picking up new tricks every day. Last week you started sitting up, and this week you discovered clapping! I know it is a matter of time before you will be rolling over, crawling or finally putting weight on your feet!

This past month you met three more cousins and more aunts and uncles (we have a big family!)! Your family loves you so much! I can't wait for the future when you play more with your cousins- right now you are just very observant and like to watch them!

You have continued to be a great eater and you will try anything we put in front of you. You are still eating puréed food but now you like puffs as a snack and I always give you yogurt melts right before and after a meal. You grin up at me when I put it in your mouth, and it gives me a few minutes to prepare your food or clean up! You are very content in your high chair; you will kick your legs and blow bubbles with your mouth until we are ready to get you out! You also have a regular habit of spitting your food out (not because you don't like it but because it makes you smile). Sometimes you will look up at me and make sure I'm watching then spit!! I have pea stains on my shirts on a regular basis. We also switched your formula this month. You had been in Enfamil Prosbee soy but we made the transition to a low lactose formula. I'm glad that it appears you don't have a lactose allergy!

I have let you drink water out of a straw a few times and you easily figured it out- the problem is you get so excited that you smile and it drips right out of your mouth! We tried to play around with a sippy cup but you didn't like it and refused to hold it!

Speaking of holding things, your favorite toys are a giraffe teether toy and a blue ball that you can grasp. You are slowly discovering other toys and you think its funny when I build up blocks and you topple them over. You still love your exersaucer, which is GREAT for mommy because I can cook or eat when you're in it! But now that you are sitting up, you don't play in it as much because you are happy sitting and playing! You still love your hands and love to pat me when you drink your bottle.

This month we went to the community center pool- you sat up and splashed the water. You do really well in new environments that are outdoors. I was glad you weren't scared by the big kids! We also ate in a restaurant three times this month with friends. Every time you were such a good boy! You, of course, were very loud and verbal but that is to be expected from our little talker! You are always cooing or shouting! You have done this fake coughing act for a while- if dad starts to fake cough, then you repeat it and you guys go back and forth until eventually you gag! Ha! With me, you will go back and forth saying "oh!" and its really cute! I've been trying to get you to say "mama" but it hasn't happened yet.

You have started to laugh more freely and it makes us so happy! You give more laughs to your daddy, which I guess is understandable because he is a funny guy! We both look forward to when daddy is home every day, and daddy loves to spend the early mornings with you so that mom can get an extra bit of sleep (since you like to keep me up in the middle of the night!). You had a good stretch where you were only waking 1-2 times a night, but the past few days you are back to 4-5 times again! I think you might be teething, because you love gnawing on your fist and you drool a good bit. I hope that teething is fast for you, but I sure will miss your gummy smile!

I feel like you got so big overnight. I love this age right now- you are so content and so silly! You look at us when we are preoccupied until we acknowledge you, and when we smile at you, you always light up with a gummy smile for us. You have started to "kiss" us with an open mouth. We'll take sloppy kisses I guess! You are so incredibly sweet and we couldn't have asked for a more precious baby. We love you so much!!