Israel's First Haircut

Israel had another big milestone this week... his first haircut! I know some people (including my husband) were against the idea of cutting his hair (ahem, @mamasaytay!) but his hair was getting REALLY long in the back and he definitely had a mullet. Also, he had a very distinct bald patch when we brought him home where he would rub his head when he laid on his back. It has started to grow in, but the areas around the bald patch were about 5 inches long- and so it looked really weird and made his head look really flat. All vain things, of course, but I just wanted to get his hair "shaped" for our upcoming family pictures.

Before (taken via instagram- I'm @rebekahmcgee ):

At the hair salon!

Israel was happy as long as we kept him occupied with puffs and toys.

Sherry cut his hair and I was really glad to hear that our hair routine is appropriate and working! She said I was using the right products and that his hair was very soft and moisturized! Woo hoo!

The final product:

There isn't a huge difference at all, which is what we wanted. In fact, Will told me the morning of the haircut that the goal was to make it look like he didn't get a cut at all! His mullet is gone and the back of his head looks more even. I'm a happy mom and Israel isn't traumatized :).


  1. So cute Israel!!! Glad you were not traumatized by your first hair cut.

  2. He is so cute! I can't stand it!


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