First Week of Physical Therapy

This week Israel started physical therapy. From now on, he will have PT on Mondays and Wednesdays at a local physical therapy office. He also will receive PT in our home with a state-program twice a month. We were given a referral for both of these services from our pediatrician to help Israel catch up developmentally.

Monday was our first appointment, and we had to do an "assessment" with the owner of the Physical Therapy practice at their office. He observed Israel and took notes about his history, and then did some PT exercises to test where Israel is developmentally. It was about an hour and Israel cried about 90% of the time! I even cried a bit - seeing Israel cry and knowing that not only was I not able to comfort him (because the PT was still doing the exercises) but that I was helping cause the tears! I know, I know- it is for his benefit but that doesn't make it easy. He gave us several worksheets with pictures and descriptions of exercises to do with Israel.

Wednesday we returned to the PT office and did about 30 minutes of exercises with the same man. Israel cried the whole time again, but thankfully the Phys. Therapist let me comfort Israel at the 15 minute mark and at the end- as soon as Israel came into my arms, he cheered up! That made me happy for sure!

Thursday afternoon the PT from the (free) state program came to our house. She was very gentle and showed us how to do several exercises with Israel (many of them were the same that our other PT had recommended). If Israel started to cry, she would distract him or stop and move on to something else; it was a very different experience from our other PT appointments! She also wrote out a plan of exercises for us with detailed descriptions.

After our first week of PT, Will and I feel a lot more equipped to work with Israel on some specific exercises. Israel still cries when we do most of them, but at least we know how to play more intentionally!

Here are a few pictures of Israel doing some of his exercise moves, working on strengthening his arms and legs.

All of the pictures where he is not crying are because he was distracted by his mommy and the big camera.... normally crying ensues within seconds.

We are proud of our boy and we know that he will make progress soon! The PT at the office said that Israel's body is ready to progress and his muscles just need to know how to move; so therapy will teach him to do what his body is ready to do!


  1. You can do it Rebekah! I'm so proud of you for doing all the PT - it is so important. And you are doing it with a mother's heart. Way to go!

  2. I'm sorry it was so hard but I am so proud of you and Israel! I love that he is making progress and hopefully he will get use to all of the exercises soon. That crying face is just pitiful, I would have cried too!

  3. So glad you finally got to get started with everything! I know it can be overwhelming and feel like a lot at first, but he is going to do so great because he has such a wonderful mommy and daddy who will follow through at home!

  4. I know it's hard for you all, but you're doing the bet thing possible for your sweet boy! And by the way, even though he is crying, he is STILL super cute even when he is crying!! :)

  5. Oh that face is so sad in that second photo! I kind of want to wail like that when I am exercising, too! :) it's hard to watch our kids in pain/frustration, but I'm sure as his muscles get more used to the exercises he'll object less and less. You're a good mama!

  6. Great job, Bekah! Doing the homework is the most important part! We will be praying that those little muscles will get stronger each day!!!

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