Shout Out: Meet Ashley & Patrick!

I'm happy to introduce to you Ashley & Patrick Gollasch!

Ashley and Patrick are in the domestic adoption process for their first child. This sweet couple has had quite the journey to get to this place. In 2005, Ashley discovered that she had cancer. Thankfully, today she is cancer-free but her bout with chemotherapy may have led to infertility. Ashley is so strong and has seen how her journey through cancer has shaped her in a positive way. Patrick is in the Army and they spent a year apart after being married when he was deployed! When they were finally reunited, they tried to conceive but discovered that at this point, conception is not in God's plan for them. This year they decided to pursue domestic adoption.

Check out their awesome adoption shirts! Love it!

Ashley & Patrick are ready to begin their homestudy, but need some financial support to be able to move forward. They have signed the contracts for their agency and are currently writing letters to potential birth mothers. After they have completed their homestudy they can be matched with a birth mom! Please consider helping them financially so they can begin their homestudy!

Their beautiful puzzle for their "under the sea" themed nursery!

From Ashley: It's a puzzle fundraiser! Each puzzle piece is $5. The idea is you purchase a puzzle piece and then we write your name on the back of it. We frame the finished product and hang in our future nursery. :) That way we always have a reminder of the amazing people who helped piece our adoption together. We thought this was such a cute idea and something we can keep forever! We purchased the puzzle and figured we could take status pictures to reveal what the picture is. Keep everyone in suspense! If you would like to purchase a puzzle piece you can donate to our Gofundme page:

So please, go check out their adoption blog here and consider donating to their puzzle fundraiser!

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