Shout Out: Meet the Moorhouse Family!

Meet the Moorhouse family!

We are Jeremy and Shelly Moorhouse, and we are adopting our first child from Bulgaria.  I (Shelly) dreamed of adopting children for years, long before I even met my husband.  Jeremy had never really considered adopting until I started discussing it with him about a year and a half ago.  He had always thought of it as something great for other couples to do if they couldn't have "children of their own."  It took about a year, but God really began softening Jeremy's heart toward adoption.  We have both really come to view adoption as a perfect picture of God's grace.  We are all orphans here on this Earth, without a hope or a heritage, but God said He would not leave us as orphans.  When we accept Jesus as our savior, He grafts us into His royal family and we become sons and daughters of God! We are given love we don't deserve, a hope for the future, and an inheritance in the Lord.  So in short, we want to adopt because we are adopted!

We are just beginning our adoption journey with All God's Children International.  We chose our agency because they were so helpful over the phone, so patient with us, and because they have a well-rounded ministry, including missions and orphan care.  Among the programs they offer, we qualified for their Bulgaria program.  Our child will be a boy or a girl, up to seven years old, and could have special needs. 

Currently, we are saving and raising the funds to pay our first set of program fees and our home study fee, which will be due in late September.  One way we are raising support is by hosting online raffles at our blog:  Coming soon, we will be selling some adorable adoption t-shirts on our blog as well.  Please check it out!  You can purchase a virtual raffle ticket (or a few) or just make a donation to our cause via the Paypal button. 

Thanks so much to Rebekah for giving us a shout out!  And thanks so much for visiting our blog and following along in our adoption story!


  1. I just want to wish you the best of luck! I am sure God has amazing things in store for you!


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