We Rock the Spectrum!

We recently found out about this awesome (national chain) play place called "We Rock the Spectrum" in Staten Island. It is a sensory gym that was created by parents of children with autism! It's a play gym for ALL kids and we knew we had to try it out!

We took the kids earlier this summer and they loved it so much!

It was a really nice, clean, and quiet play area. There were only a few big kids there and one or two toddlers. The staff was so kind and helpful.

When we saw on Facebook that they were hosting a private Trolls party, we knew the kids would be so excited. It is currently Israel's favorite movie and his reaction did not disappoint. I think Israel and another little girl tied for #1 Poppy/Branch fans. We had to pull Israel away so that he wasn't in everyone's pictures. He was so obsessed with the trolls and wanted to give them lots of hugs and kisses. 

Because it was a private event, they had snacks for the guests.

Annalise stole my bagel!

This sensory-seeker LOVED the swings.

Edith loved making Poppy and Branch. Even a few weeks later, these are still getting a lot of play in our house!

Edith had to show Poppy that she made a Poppy!

Israel checking to see if Poppy had a tongue. He likes tongues on stuffed animals ha!

This was definitely a win for us. We had a little bit of a meltdown when we had to leave but overall it was a really wonderful experience. Again, the staff was awesome and so helpful and pleasant. They are patient with special needs kids and all of the families there were very accepting and supportive of each other. We definitely will be back!

We rock the spectrum trolls day from Rebekah McGee on Vimeo.