Trip South: Day 1

I recently took a trip to North Carolina to visit my family. I realized that I hadn't been out of the city since October 2016, and was itching to see wide open roads and have some time with my people. My brother Daniel recently had a baby and I wanted to meet her. We found super cheap flights from Newark to Asheville, and I took the girls with me! Israel was still in school, so he and daddy had a few days to themselves!

As soon as we got in town, my sister picked me up and we met my parents for dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was a perfect dinner to start off the trip!

Edie and her cousin Luke were BFFs right off the bat. Nana loved getting baby Annie snuggles.

We got to Sarah's house around 8 or so and Edith had a second wind from a short nap in the car. She stayed up late playing and we slept three-deep for most of the night.

Did I mention it's so lovely to be with family? More to come!