Trip South: Airport Pictures

Love this view of Bay Ridge from the Verazanno-Narrows bridge!

Tuesday of our trip week, the girls and I went to Newark to fly out. When we flew out of Newark with the kids a few years ago, it was a horrrible experience. This time, the security guard let me pass the line and it was a quick process. A fellow mom traveler helped me with my bags during the TSA line, and when we got to the gate area, the girls were happy to play.

I picked seats on the next to last row of the plane, and it was nice to have access to the potty and to hopefully not bother everyone on the plane. Both girls were GREAT on the flight. Annie slept during both takeoff and landing, and had a happy awake period in the middle. We had a great woman sit next to us on our row and she even held Annie for me for a few minutes when I needed to assist Edith.

Because of the need to get all of our stuff together and no space to do it until our row-mate was gone, we were THE LAST ones off the plane. Edith was SO excited to get off the plane but said thank-you to the flight crew on our exit!

We met my sister and her kids at the Asheville airport. Luke and Edith were SO silly together right away. We facetime my sister often so they recognized each other.


Edith took a nap on the road from Marion to Asheville, and I think this helped her rally through our long night ahead.

Our flight was supposed to be from 5:30-7:30, so we picked up Moe's outside the airport before we came in. We hurriedly ate our food and then got the dreaded message that our flight would be delayed. We didn't end up flying out until around 7:15.

Despite the incredibly long time in the tiny airport, we had a really great experience. I told Will that this flight/airport experience was so friendly. Other parents were also trying to get their kids to play as much as possible, so our kids were playing together. We had so long to sit in a tiny space, so people were just chatty. I even left my bags in the watch of two sweet Southern ladies while I took the girls to the potty one last time. Only in the south, right!?

Edith had a lot of fun playing with her friends. She played "no more animals jumping on the bed!" repeatedly.

"Mom, take my picture!" - below

Finalllly on the plane!

Last year we bought the kids kindles but they very rarely play with them, so this was a real treat for Edith! She played with hers for the entire flight and fell asleep just as the plane was taxiing, around 9:30.

Super tired exit from the plane this time. She cried when she woke up, "I'm ready to see Daddy!"

Thankfully our neighbor Mary was able to watch Israel so Will could pick us up without waking him.

HAPPY to be home after a wonderful little break away.