Pier Outing in May

Back in MAY we went to the pier one Saturday to give Edie some scooter practice and get out of the house. Side note: Isn't my hubby handsome?

Israel gets on these obsessive kicks over things. For a while it was this particular page on a book about dogs. He loved how it stuck its tongue out.

We love the pier. During this time they were doing construction on the new ferry (it's now open which is a fun new thing for our neighborhood!).

Also, this is how I know that Will has been using the camera. He takes artsy photos:

Edith was really proud of herself as she was scooting around the pier. She is normally very cautious when we're on our block, but in the wide open places she has more confidence.

Ferry construction!

We've worked so hard on the "one foot" scootering. She likes to raise her "one foot" really high when she is confident and going fast.

XYZ little Edie. :)

Israel also got in some exercise! He was chasing pigeons, which he calls "chickens!"

I love how proud Israel is of his walking. He loves being chased and he loves chasing pigeons. He giggles and likes to "go go!" as fast as he can. He's still walking with his arms up pretty high, and his therapists are working with him to lower his arms when he walks. But you guys he's walking!

Edith took a few dancing breaks (I got some video of this which is so funny to me! It's in a Vimeo link below).

Does anyone remember "Save the Last Dance" with Julia Stiles? I totally went to that movie for my 13th birthday. These poses remind me of that movie.

Little Annalise! Such a sweet little bundle. She slept through part of our outing but woke up for some snuggles.

If you've come to visit us, we've probably taken you to the pier.  It's such a soothing place for us. We love watching people fish, feeling of the breeze from the water and counting boats.

Pier may 6, 2017 from Rebekah McGee on Vimeo.